How To Think Differently And Be More Creative

By Adam Cairns / 30/06/2017

Having recently changed jobs (and country) I’m now able to see health and healthcare through a new prism. What I’m learning is that what works in one context may not be successful in a new one. Consequently my thinking is constantly being challenged as I’m forced to come up with fresh ideas. 


5 Ways To Emerge Stronger When Bad Things Happen

By Adam Cairns / 23/06/2017

Sometimes it can be hard to be a leader. There can be days when things don’t turn out the way you’d hoped. Maybe you’re facing a real crisis. Leadership is forged in these moments more than any other. But you’ve got to keep going to benefit. What do great leaders do when they face their biggest challenges?


How To Know You’re The Best Possible Boss

By Adam Cairns / 09/06/2017

We all want to believe that we are a better boss than average. You know, the kind that inspires the affection, commitment and respect of the people they lead. Trouble is, on a normal distribution of the good and not so good bosses, half of us will be below average.