Magic Up A Fresh Start To Your Day

By Adam Cairns / 24/10/2017

I’ve always been interested in technology and its intersection with what we do in our daily lives. I love it when I figure out how to use the interfaces technology provides to make my day go a little easier. There’s so much you can do these days, one of the problems is avoiding getting lost in what it can do and focus instead on how you can use it.


How To Develop A Healthy Attitude

By Adam Cairns / 17/10/2017

I’m at my best when I’m feeling happy, healthy and positive. Getting into this frame of mind helps me manage, even when things are difficult. Here are a few things I’ve learnt about developing and maintaining this optimal mindset.


How To Boost Your Love For Life

By Adam Cairns / 02/10/2017

Early on, there’s the immediate impact of blazing sunshine, matched by intense heat during the summer months, all mitigated by ubiquitous air conditioning. There’s the bright white, monochromatic landscape outside of town and the impressive cityscape at night. The people are on the whole friendly and relationships built on trust gradually develop week by week.