How To Make An Adaptive Challenge Unlock Your Productivity

By Adam Cairns / 24/04/2018

Adaptive leadership principles can help you reframe your current time management problems and enable you to unlock your productivity potential. Before looking at how this works, let’s start with an obvious quick question. What the heck are adaptive leadership principles and what is an adaptive challenge?The short answer is that adaptive leadership principles are set of guidelines […]


How To Quickly Diagnose Your Time Management Problem

By Adam Cairns / 10/04/2018

 If you feel like you’re up against it regularly, it might be time to try and diagnose your time management problem. My day job is a hospital CEO and during the course of most weeks, I see my medical friends and colleagues juggling a huge array of competing demands for their time and attention. 


How The Pros Make Time To Network After Work

By Adam Cairns / 03/04/2018

Are you struggling to find time to network after work?Or maybe you just think all this networking carry-on smells a bit off? Years ago I attended a seminar run by a respected headhunter. I remember him talking about networking, and how the ones who got ahead made time to network after work. I wasn’t sure about this […]