7 Top Time Management Fundamentals For Expert Medics

By Adam Cairns / 29/05/2018

Why Write a Post on Time Management Fundamental for Medics?I know from my day-job as a hospital CEO that healthcare is under pressure almost everywhere. Demand is soaring while healthcare organizations battle to sustain high-quality services. I’ve seen at first hand how hard it is to balance the competing pressures. Sadly, as the pressure mounts, people at […]


7 Habits That Build Improved Stress Resilience

By Adam Cairns / 22/05/2018

How do leaders build improved stress resilience? I remember years ago grumbling to my dad about how stressed I was. He didn’t have much sympathy. His frame of reference was very different to mine. As an officer in the RAF Marine-craft Section, his experience of stress was being at the helm of a small ship battling to stay […]


5 Unbelievable Lies About Time Management

By Adam Cairns / 15/05/2018

I’m busy researching a series of posts about how to manage stress which I’ll be publishing soon.  It’s going to be a 31 Day Challenge aimed at helping you reduce the stress in your life. I’ll be posting one article each day for a month containing some teaching and a challenge.Doing all this research reminds […]


5 Of The Best Time Management Tips For Success

By Adam Cairns / 11/05/2018

Sometimes you haven’t got time to mess about. You need the answer right away. So, here are 5 of the best time management tips for success. Use them to power through your day.1 Batch Things UpTo get a motor on you need to learn how to batch things up. Here are three different ways to do it.Batch […]


How To Win Your War With Distractions

By Adam Cairns / 01/05/2018

The most successful leaders know how to win the war with distractions.Stacey Barr hits the nail on the head. In How To Be An Evidence-Based Leader she talks about the way that successful leaders focus on results.She tells us that the best leaders look for specific and objective facts that will tell them how things […]