31 Days To A Less Stressful Life Challenge Begins 11 June


Next week I’m starting a new series.

It’s called the 31 Days To A Less Stressful Life Challenge.

As you may know, I’m a hospital Chief Executive and I’ve now served as a CEO for almost half my working life. Each day I meet and continue to be inspired by dozens of massively capable people, all working hard to deliver the best healthcare they can.

Yet there’s something that troubles me.

I can see that many staff are working under enormous pressure.

Levels of stress and burnout are at an all-time high.

I know that this isn’t unique to our organisation as journals and news reports are full of accounts from around the world about this phenomena.

Long-term chronic stress has become pervasive throughout society and across all work domains, professions and locations.

I have a very intimate understanding of the hazards of long-term stress. I suffered a major health scare linked to my own deep and chronic stress. Happily I have emerged happier and healthier than ever and I want to share as much of what I’ve learnt as possible.

The series will run over 31 consecutive days starting next week. I aim to provide a daily task or challenge that can help get your stress under control and open up some new possibilities for a better life on the other side.

My hope is that you will find this useful and that unlike me, you won’t wait for something bad to happen before you take action.

I’m building a 31 Day Challenge Page for this series which will provide links to some of the research on stress in the workplace as well as further reading and other useful material. 

I'll be using the hashtag #31Days2Happy to tweet news about the series — feel free to join in if you've got something helpful to say.

If you find something valuable here please share it or make a comment. It might encourage just one person to take the first step toward a happier, less stress-filled life if you do.

If you're reading this after it's all over and  want catch up on a post you missed, the 31 Day Challenge Page has a complete list.