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Booking a HEALTHY LEADER Goal Coach session couldn't be easier. Just follow the instructions below and we'll take care of everything else. There's no need to worry about Skype or other video service. We've got our own dedicated video system. All you need to do is join the meeting at the scheduled time.

Making Your Booking

Use The Calendar To Choose a Time

We've blocked out any times that we're unavailable. Just click on the time which suits you. Once you've done that we'll send you a confirmation email.

Look Out For Your Confirmation Email

When you've completed the booking, look out for the confirmation email. It will contain the link you'll use when it's time for your session. 

What You Need At Your End

Our coaching sessions are available in person (face to face), via telephone or through video call. You are booking your first session as a video call as we find this works best. 

We have a fall back phone system should the video fail for any reason.

We advise that you participate in the video call when logged into a good quality wifi network. Video call will also work over mobile data, but you will be responsible for the data used.

We advise our clients to find somewhere quiet where you won't be disturbed for the duration of the call.

Your First FREE Call

Important: If this is your first session please use the 30 minute video chat button.

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What we do

We're dedicated to helping you get more done, be happy and stay healthy. We spend our days thinking about what we can do to help people achieve their goals, while reminaing happy and fulfilled. 

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