Coming Soon: The 31 Days To A Less Stressful Life Challenge


Enjoy Life To The Full

You work hard to stay on top of things. You start each day determined to maintain your cool. But somehow the day just gets away from you.

Soon you feel you're rushing from one thing to the next thing. Deadlines, phone calls, tasks — they all start piling up. Then before you know it, your stomach's churning, your heart's racing and there's a headache pulsing behind your eyes.

You know there's got to be a better way — but you really don't know what to do next.

How do you regain a sense of calm? How do you get on a path that will keep you happy and content no matter what comes your way?

How can you stop stress from overshadowing all the good things in life?

How long does it take to make change happen?

Let's say just 31 days…

Starting on June 11th I'm starting a new blog series called the 31 Days To A Less Stressful Life Challenge.

If you're someone who never battles stress, feel free to ignore these posts. 

Otherwise, every day for a month I'm going to issue you a challenge aimed at helping you break away from stress. There'll be a bit of teaching to support you too — so that day by day you'll build a powerful stress-busting toolkit.

The challenges guide you to take the same actions that have helped thousands of other people find happiness and contentment.

I'll be sharing  what works for me and the many others I've helped overcome their struggles with stress. 

My motivation for this series is based on my own experience of trying and failing to manage stress successfully. This led to a major health scare — which forced me to re-think how I was leading my life.

Today, I'm happier than healthier than ever, proof that it's totally possible to make a dramatic change for the better.

If the 31 Days To A Less Stressful Life Challenge helps just one person to take action before a crisis like mine occurs to them then all the effort will have been worthwhile.

If you're interested and want to join in the challenge, you can click the button or sign up using the form below.

 I'll be tweeting during the course of the series using the hashtag #31Days2Happy.

Help yourself and others too by sharing the posts and joining in on social media.