How to Sleep Better at Night Naturally


Sleep Better At Night Naturally

Your task today in the 31 Days To A Less Stressful Life Challenge is to find out what type of sleep chronotype you are.

Your sleep chronotype determines how your body prefers to sleep and which activities are best performed at different times during the day.

It's easy to get into a bit of a downward spiral with sleep when you're stressed. I know that this was one of my main pain points when I was most stressed. The difficulty is that lack of sleep predisposes you to become stressed. Meditation can be a useful tool if you're suffering from insomnia as is good diet and exercise.

How can you prevent sleeplessness from becoming a problem? What can you do to increase your chances of getting a good night's sleep naturally?

Dr Michael Breus is a sleep expert and the author of The Power of When. He suggests there are four sleep chronotypes which he labels wolf, dolphin, bear and lion.


About 50% of the population are bears, with the rest of us distributed across the other three types. The significance of understanding your chronotype is that each one has a unique natural sleep pattern. By working out what yours is, you can make sure that you’re optimising your opportunity for the most refreshing night’s sleep.

Small adjustments in the pattern of your day will prime you for your best work and help you get the optimal amount of sleep.

Lack of sleep can have a very damaging effect on your stress levels. So building an understanding of how you’re most likely to achieve a restful night is a powerful preventative strategy.

You can take Dr Breus’s sleep chronotype quiz here.

Today's Challenge

When you’ve taken the quiz, come back here and share which chronotype you are and say if you recognise yourself in the test results.

I think Dr Breuss's quiz is a useful tool to begin examining your sleep preferences. You might find there are small tweaks you can make that have a big pay-off.

Sleeplessness is horrible — if you've got some natural remedies that have worked, share them here too.

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